At my grade school in Chicago, there was a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln in the library, as there probably were in many schools in Illinois, the state that calls itself “The Land of Lincoln.”

Word went around the school that it was lucky to rub Abe Lincoln’s nose.  I remember waiting until the librarian wasn’t around and then sneaking up a hand to caress that part of his face. Pretty soon, Abe had a bright gold nose, the result of many small hands caressing it.

Recently I came across the following bronze sculpture as I entered Parkside Gym near Parker’s Piece in Cambridge.  How long do you think it will it be before that bum is all golden and shiny?

Couldn't someone have put some trunks on this man?

My daughter Meg at an Italian restaurant in the marketplace in Cambridge:Now, look a little closer . . .

Can you see this sign lasting a minute in America?