Courtesy ibtimes.co.uk

Why We Love the Queen

1.  She keeps calm and carries on.

2.  She is who she is, with no pretense of being anything else.

3.  She lived through the London Blitz with courage and dignity.

4.  She has outlasted 12 prime ministers and 12 US presidents.

5.  She still does her national Christmas Day broadcast although no one listens.

6.  She says “one” while referring to herself.

7.  She unfailingly does her queenly duties.

8.  She drastically cut back on expenses when asked.

9.  She taught us all what “annus horribilis” means.

10.  She is always color-coordinated and wears the most marvellous hats.

11.  She speaks a curious aristocratic Queen’s English, the like of which we rarely hear.

The Queen and Prince Philip by cartoonist Steve Bell

12.  She makes us know in our hearts and souls that there will always be an England.