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We.      Got.     The.     Visas!

Katie has just phoned us from Cambridge, where she’s opened up a big envelope to find Meg’s and her American passports each with an entire page stating that they have “Indefinite Leave to Remain” in the UK.  She’s barely coherent in her excitement.

A huge feeling of joy and relief washes over me.  We can stay!

This means that Katie can finish up her schooling here and not have to go back halfway through her junior year.

This means that Meg can transfer from the posh private school where she’s so unhappy to our local Cambridge state school.

This means that all of us can spend more time with our family in Derbyshire, Hilary, Ian, Frank, Julie, Emily, Jordan, Carol, David, Melissa, Danielle, Lauren, Sue, Gordon, Tony, Ian, Andrea, Liz, Carol, Betty, Ellen, Sid, Win, Bedge, Rick, Kevin, Sarah, Andy, Barbara, Melanie, Ray, Janet, June, Steven, Ian and all their families O frabjous day!

This means that we can experience the beauty of the English spring.

This means I can continue to chart the farmers’ year in Crich.

And, best of all, this means I can continue my love affair with England and write this blog which is the most fun I’ve ever had while writing.

God, it’s been a roller-coaster of a year!  But now it’s time to celebrate.

Much joyous dancing around the kitchen at the farm as we learn that we can continue to stay here in England and won’t be deported forthwith!