All over the US, England, and no doubt other countries around the world, parents are celebrating the end of summer.* 

With the new school year about to begin in the US and UK, my eye drifts to this cartoon that I tacked on my bulletin board ten years ago after a two-and-a-half-month-long summer “vacation” which was all kids, all the time.

Like almost all parents, I adore my kids, but I also need them in school so I can do my work–something which, as a writer, is the first casualty when the kids are around.

I will miss them and all of our summer rituals and pleasures, but it’s wonderful to return to my second love–writing.  And, after all, they’ll be home by 3.

*  (Apologies to the cartoonist whose name I accidentally cut out while clipping this brilliant cartoon ten years ago.)