Here’s a link to a brilliant map of what sort of people live in various places in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, created by Tom Phillips on Buzzfeed. Total stereotypes, but a lot of fun.

“The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland:

Offend your way around the British Isles.”

Courtesy, Tom Phillips, Buzzfeed: The Definitive  Stereotype Map of Britain and Ireland

Courtesy, Tom Phillips, Buzzfeed: The Definitive Stereotype Map of Britain and Ireland

For the full map, click here: I must thank Desperate English Housewife in Washington for putting me on to this.

My own family lives in Derbyshire, in the “Zone of North/Midlands Confusion.” In my experience, this is a completely accurate portrayal of this area.

No one knows where Derbyshire is.  The North?  East Midlands?  West Midlands?  Central Midlands?  If anyone asks, I say, “Derbyshire is just south of Yorkshire,” and then they nod, because EVERYONE has heard of Yorkshire.

Cambridge is referred to as the land of “Russian Spies,” which was true enough in the 1950s and 1960s, with a number of Cambridge academics fleeing to Russia with top-secret information on the location of Fitzbilly’s, though if you want to be more up-to-date, you could instead label it as the town of Nobel Prize winners, more than anywhere else in the world.

London is the city of “Arrogant Wankers.”  True enough in SW7 and wherever else hedge fund managers and entitled overseas brats who drive their Lambourginis at 100 miles per hour in central London live.

Liverpool is the place where “They won’t shut up about the Beatles.”

Essex has got “Fake tans,” as seen on TOWIE (the TV program called “The Only Way is Essex,” a Kardashian knock-off and total embarrassment to the country.)

And Wales has nervous sheep.  Reminds me about what is said about North Dakota, “where the men are men, and the sheep are scared.”

Not a bit of truth to it on the individual level, but if you’re going for stereotypes, these are pretty amusing!