I’m back in my very favorite place in the world–my grandfather’s farm in the Peak District of England, which now belongs to my uncle Frank.

Tonight I went for a walk up the lane, and here’s what I saw:


Two views of poppies in a field of corn (wheat).




The top barn.IMG_7092

A field of my uncle Frank’s bulls.IMG_7125

A curious bull that wanted to make my acquaintance.IMG_7158

The rocks at the top of the land near the moor.IMG_7086

The view across the valley.IMG_7081

Meadow grass in Bauston field.IMG_7160

The lane to the wood.IMG_7171

An old stone wall in the wood.IMG_7165

The outcropping of Bauston Rock.IMG_7178

The sun setting at 10:20 at night.IMG_7192